College Republican Pres Delivers Smackdown to Lib Prof Assaulting Conserv Student

College Republican Pres Delivers Smackdown to Lib Prof Assaulting Conserv Student

A California State University, Fullerton professor attacked the leader of the school’s Colleges Republicans club during a demonstration on campus this week.

According to Breitbart, part-time anthropology professor Eric Canin threw punches at group members Bryce Ingalls and Jared Lopez as their group staged a counter-protest Wednesday to a “No Ban No Wall” demonstration against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Brietbart reported that a witness said Canin tried grab a sign from Lopez’s hands; when Ingalls intervened, Canin punched him in the face.

That’s when Fullerton College Republicans President Christopher Boyle stepped in. According to Breitbart, Boyle subdued Canin physically, then detained him until police arrived.

Lopez described the incident to the school newspaper, The Daily Titan.

“(Canin) came up, tried to grab (my) sign and pushed our way … Then he went after (Ingalls) and started swinging at him,” Lopez said.

Canin, however, denied assaulting anyone. He said the students were “making fun of him,” according to the Daily Titan.

“I lost it and I started screaming and they grabbed me from behind and my stuff went flying everywhere,” he said.

No injuries were reported, but the CSUF College Republicans club were working with the school and campus police to press charges, Breitbart reported.

A university spokesman condemned what he called this “violent incident” on campus.

Members of the College Republicans told Breitbart the school was downplaying the incident.

“People would already be in cuffs if this was done to the Democrats,” senior Ali Deway said.

Junior Hannah Reams asked for the public’s help in making sure justice is done.

“Since Eric Canin is not a tenured professor, we encourage concerned citizens to call or email the school to ask for corrective action,” she said.

Hopefully, the school will take that action to show its students that no violence is permitted or accepted at their university.

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