CNN Viewers Upset After Network Runs Ivanka Trump Special on MLK Day

CNN Viewers Upset After Network Runs Ivanka Trump Special on MLK Day

President-elect Donald Trump and CNN have been feuding with each other for over a year now, but despite that feud CNN still covers all things Trump because that keeps their ratings high, or keeps them from going any lower, anyway.

On Monday, CNN ran a special report on Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and what role she might have in the White House during her father’s administration. Overall, the piece was actually pretty good, considering that it was produced by a network that loathes Trump.

While the program didn’t draw much outcry from Republicans (through Trump did send out a tweet about it before it started), liberals were up in arms over the network’s decision to air the report on Martin Luther King Day, The Daily Caller reported.

Throughout the segment, Twitter exploded with many liberals posting about how upset they were that CNN would choose to air the program on MLK Day instead of doing a puff piece on the civil rights luminary.

It was unclear exactly why CNN chose to air the report on MLK Day. Possibly it was because the inauguration is on Friday and they wanted to get the report out as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason, liberals who watch CNN were furious that the network would dare cover Ivanka on MLK Day.

“CNN instead of having stories about MLK to promote unity, you have stories about Ivanka, a spoiled little rich princess! Disappointing!” tweeted one particularly upset Twitter user.

“Man trying to figure CNN out on MLK Day u run a IVANKA TRUMP SPECIAL!!!!  Trump treats CNN like S*** why do u give him time,” tweeted another person.

As usual, the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency was questioned:

Ivanka has done almost nothing to offend liberals, other than having the name “Trump.” Liberals just really don’t want to see anything positive said about any member of the Trump family.

You can watch a segment of CNN’s piece here:

Rather than watching the show and maybe learning a little something about the next first daughter, liberals once again chose to simply cry about “injustice.” How sad.

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