CNN Tries To Shut Down Broadcast After Trump Supporter Brings Out Facts on Voter Fraud


A supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared on a CNN panel and shocked everyone when she didn’t back down from the truth after being harangued by two liberals.

Host Carol Costello threatened to end the broadcast when she lost control of the situation after she and former New York Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey went at each other over the issue of voter fraud.

“This nation has been victimized by rampant voter fraud and there is so much evidence of it this year,” McCaughey said, attempting to back up her point with factual data.

Costello shouted McCaughey down every time she brought up facts to prove Democrats were trying to rig the election. Meanwhile Sally Kohn sat next to McCaughey and made juvenile faces.

McCaughey asked Costello if she was even interested in evidence.

“I have presented the evidence to my viewers, and my viewers trust me to tell them the truth,” was Costello’s conceited reply.

When McCaughey wondered why the Democrat Party insisted on defending fraudulent voter rolls, Kohn shouted, “Because it’s not happening!”

Denial of facts is apparently the way Democrats deal with the truth.

The debate continued with McCaughey holding her own while these two liberals tried their hardest to talk over her and keep her from speaking.

After the break, Costello played clips of Trump supporters denying widespread voter fraud, to which McCaughey said she wasn’t claiming the fraud was widespread, but that a small number could make a difference in a close election.

That devolved into Kohn claiming that Trump is being “irresponsible and dangerous and reckless” by questioning the American democratic process.

She couldn’t fight evidence of the truth.

Below is the first segment of the interview:

Watch the second part of the interview below:

It’s terribly painful to watch the mainstream media in action. The sad thing is that they actually believe they are champions of truth, which is a real danger facing the future of our country, along with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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