CNN Catches Heat for Publishing Misleading Headline

CNN Catches Heat for Publishing Misleading Headline

It’s not just the Democrat political machine that’s making an unbelievable deal over Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States. The liberal media has jumped on board, too — and no media outlet has been more enthusiastic about it than CNN.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, little love is lost between the president and the network he recently called “very fake news.” (That was an downgrade from his previous nickname for CNN, which was merely “fake news.”)

So, it wasn’t any surprise when the network ran a Twitter headline like this. Unfortunately, the video didn’t necessarily match up:

Of course, Sessions met with the Russian ambassador, which he says was part of his duties as a senator and not as a surrogate for the Trump campaign. If Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, really was calling for a special prosecutor, it would be pretty bad news for Sessions — and President Donald Trump’s administration.

However, CNN’s staff apparently didn’t watch their own video before posting it, because it’s clear that the Twitter headline was horribly misleading — and Brit Hume of Fox News immediately took to Twitter to call the network out on it.

Hume’s correction was blunt:

Which he did, rather unequivocally.

“I don’t know that there’s anything between the Trump campaign and the Russians. I’m not going to base my decision based on newspaper articles,” Graham said.

“The FBI, if they’re looking into this, and they make a — Comey shouldn’t decide whether or not to prosecute. I never understood why the FBI director in the Clinton case made the decision not to prosecute. That should be the prosecutor’s decision.

“If there is something there and it goes up the chain of investigation, it is clear to me that Jeff Sessions, who is my dear friend, cannot make this decision about Trump,” Graham continued. “So there maybe nothing there, but if there’s something there — if the FBI believes is criminal in nature — then for sure, you need a special prosecutor.”

According to The Right Scoop, CNN also omitted Graham’s next sentence from the clip: ““if that day ever comes, I’ll be the first one to say it needs to be somebody other than Jeff.” That puts it even clearer into context, which makes it look as if that was almost deliberate.

But the liberals at CNN would never do something like that, would they?

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