Clinton Campaign Chair Floats New Conspiracy Theory On Why Clinton Lost

Clinton Campaign Chair Floats New Conspiracy Theory On Why Clinton Lost

Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta invoked the possibility of a conspiracy against Clinton on Monday by saying “forces within the FBI” wanted her to lose.

Podesta, along with many Clinton campaign staffers, has said the decision to publicly announce the reopening of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server was a pivotal blow to her campaign.

Podesta and others have also said that Russian hackers were a major reason for Clinton’s defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump.

Monday’s comments from Podesta marked the first time the Clinton campaign has attacked anyone at the FBI other than Director James Comey, who made the announcement.

Podesta spoke to John Heilemann in an interview hosted by NewCo.

“I think there’s sort of two possibilities. There are at least forces within the FBI that wanted her to lose. I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but they wanted her to lose. I think that’s one possibility,” Podesta said.

The other option, Podesta argued, involved pressure from below. There were widespread reports of internal agency unhappiness when Comey announced in July that Clinton would not face charges, even through she was “extremely careless” with classified information.

“I think the other is it’s just become a cover-your-ass organization, and there was pressure coming up from underneath him, and he succumbed to that pressure,” Podesta said.

Podesta contended that whatever the motivation, the action was wrong and also damaging.

“[Comey] ended up dropping this bombshell in the middle of the election against the advice of the Justice Department, against the long-term practice of Democratic and Republican administrations,” said Podesta.

” … he made a bad judgment, and I think virtually anybody who has opined on the topic — including Republicans who served in both Bush administrations and the Reagan administration — have said it was a terrible mistake of judgment.”

“And I think it did terrible damage to us. If you look at the polling at that period time, that’s when the race began to tighten in that week,” he added.

Trump has derided the focus Democrats have placed on the FBI as the reason Clinton lost.

In December, Podesta also claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was “personally involved” in the election email hacks that hurt Clinton’s campaign.

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