Clinton Camp Explains Loss In Most Hilarious Way Possible


Now that it has been a couple of days since the American people chose Donald Trump to be the next president, angry and disappointed Democrats are emerging from their state of shock to assess the situation and figure out what went wrong for them.

However, judging by the reported content of a conference call Thursday between top aides and supporters of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, it would seem as though they haven’t moved past the stage of denial yet as they attempt to deal with their grief.

According to The Hill, there was a general consensus among participants in the conference call that Clinton’s loss was brought upon them by FBI Director James Comey and the media. Yes, the same media that were in the bag for Clinton the entire campaign.

Campaign chair John Podesta pointed the finger at Comey as the guy “who we think may have cost us the election,” certainly in reference to Comey’s announcement that the FBI had reopened its investigation of Clinton’s private email server scandal less than two weeks before the election, even though nothing came of that.

“We saw turnout down and didn’t do nearly as well as we thought. Something happened and it happened in a pretty steady way late in the race,” stated one unidentified aide.

Campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri added, in reference to Comey’s announcement, “That last week, it was just one too many things.”

But quite laughably the liberal media also received quite a bit of the blame for Clinton’s “devastating” loss, leading one to surmise that Clinton’s crew was watching different campaign coverage from the rest of the American people.

“The media always covered her as the person who would be president and therefore tried to eviscerate her before the election, but covered Trump who was someone who was entertaining and sort of gave him a pass,” proclaimed Podesta. “We need to reflect and analyze that and put our voices forward.”

Again, we must interrupt to ask what election coverage they were they watching, as we saw a thoroughly corrupt Clinton get numerous passes from the media while virtually every word and action by Trump was dissected and cross-examined for days on end.

Podesta argued that the media had drawn a “false moral equivalency” between what he believed were major disqualifying transgressions by Trump versus minor little nothings by Clinton that had been blown out of proportion, such as her email scandal or pay-to-play allegations at the Clinton Foundation.

“We need to be mindful of the fact that they’re going to continue, they won’t quit, they’re going to continue to throw mud,” he added with regard to the media, and urged Clinton supporters to “defend her and her legacy and the kind of person she is.”

Throughout the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, Clinton’s surrogates continued to look for answers as to why they had failed so miserably in their task.

“Thirty-six hours after the most devastating loss in the history of American politics, we’re looking at a white board right now with lots of ideas,” Palmieri explained. “We’re sort of figuring out what we need to do this week, and what we need Democrats to do in the next two months ahead of the inaugural.”

“I don’t have a real answer except to say we have ideas about what works, needs to be done, and hope there are people in a position to do that,” she added. “We’re trying to figure it out.”

This is, in a word, laughable. Hillary Clinton lost because Hillary Clinton was a horribly flawed candidate, a terrifically terrible campaigner and an all-around untrustworthy individual who had no worthwhile ideas and only represented a continuation of the failing status quo, which was rejected along with Clinton.

The liberal media most certainly were not to blame for her defeat — at least not in the sense Podesta meant — as they went far out of their way to clear the path for her coronation.

If the media do bear any blame, it is that their decidedly biased, relentlessly arrogant and utterly over-the-top negative coverage of Trump’s each and every breath while ignoring the mountain of scandal surrounding Clinton backfired on them in a big way and inspired voters to back Trump in spite of the odds.

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H/T The Daily Caller