Clarke Counters Obama: It’s Not Sexism To Oppose Hillary Clinton Over Her Lies


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke shredded President Barack Obama’s contention Tuesday that male voters oppose Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

Obama on Tuesday addressed “all the guys out there” and suggested sexism is the reason men won’t support Clinton.

“So that, like, when a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well, that’s OK. But when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you’re all like, ‘Well, why is she doing that?’” he added.

Clark ridiculed the notion.

“Barack Obama for seven-plus years has played the race card … so now they’re going to switch and try to play the gender card,” he said on Fox News. “The problem is that the American public is tired of this class warfare.”

Clarke said Clinton’s issue is not her gender, but her honesty.

“The reason why they don’t like Mrs. Bill Clinton is not because she’s a woman,” Clarke said. “It’s because she’s dishonest and because she is hiding something: She’s hiding the truth.”

Clarke said he has trouble picturing Clinton as the passive victim of male oppression.

“She tries to play herself off as a victim like she’s Little Red Riding Hood, but she’s more like the Big Bad Wolf. As soon as you turn your back on her, she’ll bite you,” he said.

Clarke said the political world is rough and tumble, weeding out those not fit for the office a candidate seeks.

“Now, look, this is politics. It’s a contact sport. It’s not for the faint of heart. My response to what President Obama said is, if she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen,” he added.

Clarke has been critical of Clinton throughout the campaign.

“She’s an empty pantsuit,” he said on Fox News after the third presidential debate. “They just plug her in and all she did in all three debates was throw out the talking points no matter what the question was.”

In August, Clarke attacked Clinton as “morally bankrupt.”

“This woman’s a pathological liar, she’s a straight-up liar. She lied to the families who had loved ones killed in Benghazi,” he charged. “She stood over their caskets — I can’t think of a more morally bankrupt thing to do than something like that. She lied about the secret server. She lied to Congress about turning over these emails.

“Her ethical elevator has no bottom floor. This shows you how fast, and how far, we’ve fallen as a country, that someone with her lack of character and integrity is actually within reach of the White House. You have got to be kidding me.”

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