Chopsticks Are Now Racist, According to Liberals

Chopsticks Are Now Racist According to Liberals

When a prominent political ideology almost exclusively revolves around identity politics like race and focuses on what divides us instead of what brings us all together, it isn’t long before followers of that ideology begin to see divisive racism in just about everything.

Part of the growing anti-white and anti-Western movement among the progressive left is the notion of “cultural appropriation,” that is, Western, white people “appropriating” for their own use that which has come from other cultures, such as food, music and styles of clothing or hair. It was all hilariously and apologetically explained a couple of years ago by the feminist blog Bustle.

The leftists intent on rooting out and exposing cultural appropriation wherever it may be found have recently focused their attention on food, specifically the “racist” manner in which white chefs prepare and present dishes that originated from other cultures.

The BBC recently asked, no doubt in all seriousness, whether food bloggers are “fueling racist stereotypes” by sharing pictures of dishes they created dressed up with “exotic,” or seemingly “exotic” props that either mimic the originating culture, or simply misrepresent it — for instance a Pacific Islands dish pictured with chopsticks or other items commonly associated with the broader Asian culture.

“Food media is predominantly generated by white people for white people, so when the subject veers toward anything outside of the Western canon, it’s not uncommon to see things generalized, exotified or misrepresented,” said Filipino-American food and travel photographer Celeste Noche.

“I think micro-aggressions in social media are reflective of food media as a whole in that appropriation,” Noche continued. “These microaggressions can be as simple as a lack of research.”

Noche especially took offense to a popular food blogger named Andrew Zimmern, who had recently displayed a Filipino short ribs recipe he had created along with chopsticks. That angered Noche, since chopsticks are not the primary utensil used by most Filipino people.

“We need to break away from the idea that white and Western is the base standard for media portrayals — whether in food, film, literature, etc – and start trusting and hiring people of color to represent themselves,” added Noche.

Or, and this is just an idea, we could stop getting our panties in a wad every time we see something with which we might disagree, and just allow people from all cultures, and this would include white people, to celebrate the good things they like and have derived from cultures other than their own.

Oh, and maybe not calling everything done by white people “racist” or “cultural appropriation” would be helpful to having the much-ballyhooed “national discussion” that leftists always claim to want to engage in.

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