China To Surge Amphibious Invasion Power by 400%

China To Surge Amphibious Invasion Power by 400

Military developments in the South China Sea recently have increased tensions between the United States and China — and led to some speculation about the possibility of a military conflict between the two nations.

Now, it appears that China is taking the possibility of a conflict with the United States seriously by taking drastic measures involving its military. Reportedly, China is going to massively increase the size of its marine corps, the South China Morning Post reported.

Leaders plan to increase the size of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps from 20,000 to 100,000 — a 400 percent increase. Some of these troops would be stationed overseas to protect China’s ever-growing global influence.

“The PLA marines will be increased to 100,000, consisting of six brigades in the coming future to fulfill new missions of our country,” a Chinese military source told the newspaper.

This increase could pose a significant threat to the United States. China isn’t exactly our friend, and any sizable increase in the Chinese military should be viewed suspiciously by the United States.

“Besides its original missions of a possible war with Taiwan, maritime defense in the East and South China seas, it’s also foreseeable that the PLA Navy’s mission will expand overseas, including protection of China’s national security in the Korean peninsula, the country’s maritime lifelines, as well as offshore supply deports like in Djibouti and Gwadar port in Pakistan,” Liu Xiaojiang, a former navy political commissar, told the South China Morning Post.

President Donald Trump has vowed to increase the size of the United States military during his presidency, and it appears that that increase will indeed be needed, given China’s recent actions.

China represents one of the most serious military threats that the United States faces. While we may still be on relatively friendly diplomatic terms with the nation, and should work to stay that way, we should be prepared for hostilities to break out.

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