China Furious After Taiwanese Delegate Plans to Attend Inauguration Ceremony

China Furious After Taiwanese Delegate Plans to Attend Inauguration Ceremony

The communists in China have tried for decades to bully the United States into abstaining from developing any kind of diplomatic relation with Taiwan, but to President-elect Donald Trump, whose rise to power centered on his willingness to buck trends, their dictatorial pleas have meant nothing.

As such, former Taiwanese premier Yu Shyi-kun and several notable lawmakers were slated to attend the president-elect’s inauguration on Friday, the feelings of the mainland Chinese government notwithstanding.

Granted, according to Reuters, “It is typical for Taiwan to send a delegation to U.S. presidential inaugurations.” What made this visit different, however, was Trump’s open and unprecedented stance toward the Taiwanese.

In December, the president-elect broke with long-held protocol by accepting a congratulatory call from the Taiwanese president. As recently as last week, he told The Wall Street Journal that “everything is under negotiation, including ‘One China,’” the unofficial policy barring the United States and other nations from recognizing Taiwan’s independence.

The Chinese government was not pleased by any of this, and the idea of the Taiwanese delegation potentially hobnobbing with powerful U.S. officials had it in a tizzy.

“We again urge the relevant side in the United States not to allow the Taiwan authority to send a so-called delegation to the United States to attend the presidential inauguration and not have any form of official contact with Taiwan,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters Wednesday, as noted by RT.

“China’s position has already accurately and unmistakably been given to the U.S. administration and Trump’s team,” she added.

What she essentially said was this: “You know how we feel about this, so give us what we want.”

Trump had no intention of doing that, though by the same token, he also reportedly did not intend to meet with the Taiwanese delegation. It was really a “no harm, no foul” play — one that nevertheless possessed a far deeper symbolic meaning: America would be China’s puppet no more.

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