Chicago to Emblazon Convicted Terrorist’s Name on Roadway

Chicago to Emblazon Convicted Terrorists Name on Roadway

Crime-ridden Chicago has renamed a street after convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera, a leader of the Puerto Rican separatist group FALN, that was responsible carrying out some 130 bombings in the U.S. between 1974 and 1983, killing six people.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that 26th Ward Alderman Robert Maldonado submitted the proposal Chicago’s aldermen approved Wednesday to name the three-block stretch of North Luis Munoz Marin Drive after Rivera.

The proposal was pushed through ahead of new city law that would prevent the city from name streets after people who are still alive. (Besides Lopez Rivera, 23 others had streets named in their honor, including “Criminal Minds” star Joe Montegna.)

Joe Connor, who was just 9 years old when his father was killed by an FALN terror attack in 1975 at New York’s famous Fraunces Tavern, told the Sun-Times he was outraged at naming a street after a terrorist like Lopez Rivera.

“He is a sworn terrorist … He was convicted of bombings in Chicago that did injure people … And Chicago is gonna put up a sign in his honor?” he asked. “The idea that people will walk by and see this street sign and think that Oscar Lopez was some sort of great person — it’s diabolical. The world is upside down here.

What’s next for Chicago, Bin Laden Boulevard?” he asked. “Charles Manson Court?”

It would certainly seem that things in Chicago are upside down. Who could justify naming a street after a non-repentant terrorist? Sadly, a bunch of Democrats, that’s who.

If you’ll recall, Rivera was freed by former President Barack Obama in January just before he left the White House.

WLS-TV reported that after his release, Rivera returned to Puerto Rico and it was expected that he would live under house arrest with his daughter until May.

Naming a street after a known terrorist is about as cuckoo as it gets. No wonder Chicago is such a mess.

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