Check Out These 5 EPIC Items in Trump’s Office That Prove the Media’s 100% Wrong About Him

Check Out These 5 EPIC Items in Trumps Office That Prove the Medias 100 Wrong About Him

The notion that President-elect Donald Trump was a selfish buffoon who knew or cared little for humanity and its well-being was easily disproved by five simple objects located in the billionaire businessman’s office.

Situated on the 26th floor of Trump Tower in New York City, the bulletproof office contained many fascinating objects, from election bumper stickers to copies of the Financial Times, according to a report by The U.K. Daily Telegraph.

But the items that piqued the most interest were these five:

1. “Beautiful Country”

Published last year, “Beautiful Country” by J.R. Thornton is “(a) coming-of-age story set in modern-day China, centering on the friendship between an American teen and a Chinese boy who meet while training with Beijing’s junior national tennis team,” according to Amazon.

In particular, the compelling novel examines the harrowing experiences of the American boy, who soon discovers that while failing at tennis would be fine for him, a similar failure would be devastating for his Chinese peer, for whom a future without tennis would be a desperate one without hope.

That this novel sat in Trump’s office (and on his desk, to be exact) was a clear sign that he perhaps possessed far more depth and insight than his critics realized.

2 & 3. Humanitarian Awards

Also in the president-elect’s office were a Tree of Life humanitarian award and a Sholom humanitarian award, both of which had been given to him by the Jewish community.

Trump reportedly considered the Sholom award one of his most valuable possessions, perhaps because of its immense significance. If nothing else, the reward demonstrated that deep inside the president-elect lay a golden heart — one with immense love for the Jewish people.

4. Nathan Hale Patriot Award

Given to Trump in 2015 and named after Revolutionary War soldier and spy Nathan Hale, who was hanged after being captured by the British, this award signified the president-elect’s commitment to making America great, no matter what sacrifices this mission entailed.

5. “Comeback of the Decade” Award

Last but not least, Trump’s office featured a wall-mounted boomerang that had been awarded to him by the Forum Club in 1995 for having pulled off what they called the “Comeback of the Decade” after the real estate market collapsed during the 1980s.

His comeback was so impressive, in fact, that Trump even penned a book about it appropriately titled “The Art of the Comeback,” which according to Amazon describes “how he renegotiated millions of dollars in bank loans and survived the recession, paving the way for a resurgence.”

Trump may have been brash with his utterances and a bit careless with his tweets, but as these items in his office demonstrated, he was also apparently a very caring, intelligent and successful man.

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