CEO Who Wanted to Shoot Trump Loses Job


Of all of the liberal luminaries who went unhinged after Donald Trump’s ascendancy to president-elect last Tuesday, few were quite so public as PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan. The San Diego-area tech industry leader even went as far as to threaten Trump with assassination.

Unfortunately for Harrigan, threatening to utilize the most violent way for Donald Trump to lose his new job turned out to be the quickest way for Harrigan to lose his current one. According to The Washington Times, faced with opprobrium from across the board, the CEO was forced to tender his resignation on Tuesday.

“The PacketSled Board of Directors accepted the resignation of President and CEO Matthew Harrigan, effective immediately,” a statement from PacketSled read.

“Fred Wilmot, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, will serve as interim CEO while the Board of Directors conducts a search for a permanent replacement. We want to be very clear, PacketSled does not condone the comments made by Mr. Harrigan, which do not reflect the views or opinions of the company, its employees, investors or partners.”

Harrigan came under fire after he posted a message to his now-deleted Facebook account saying, “I’m going to kill the president. Elect.”

When someone suggested he just needed to get high, he responded, “Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, (expletive). I’ll find you.”

Harrigan’s excuse for his behavior was the oldest excuse in the book: J/K, y’all!

“My humble apologies that a flawed joke has become public/out of context,” he wrote on Twitter. “My poor judgement (sic) does not represent the views of @packetsled… customers, investors or the officers of PacketSled, I have no malicious intention toward the #POTUS and apologize to all for my lack of judgement (sic) and offensive commentary. I wish you all well,” he added.

The Secret Service was not so easily amused, however. They said that they were “aware” of Harrigan’s threat, which isn’t good news.

Cheer up, though, Matt: I’m pretty sure Trump won’t go after unemployment benefits. Not quite sure if you can get them in jail, though …

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