CEO Has Job Applicants Take “Snowflake Test”

CEO Has Job Applicants Take Snowflake Test

The CEO of a Connecticut marketing firm is making national news after writing an op-ed about his firm’s “snowflake test” for potential employees to weed out safe-spacers

Kyle Reyes, The Silent Partner Marketing’s CEO, wrote about the process in an op-ed for the New Boston Post.

“I don’t want most people to work for my company. No, seriously. Most people suck,” Reyes wrote. “Not just professionally. Just as people. They are whiny, needy, entitled little brats.”

“I realized that pretty quickly … and I also realized it was a time suck on my staff and me to be weeding through endless piles of paper trying to find the handful of people who actually want to hustle for a living and would be a great fit for our company,” he continued.

“So I’ve implemented something that is going to give HR managers and the PC Police night sweats.

“I lovingly refer to it as ‘The Snowflake Test,’” he wrote. “Anyone who may be a viable candidate for our agency has to take the test before they get an at-bat at an interview.

“It’s 30 short-answer and essay-style questions that help us to really get to know a candidate. We want to get in their heads. See how they apply logic and reason to different scenarios. See what makes them tick. See if they’d be a good fit for our culture.”

Among the questions on the snowflake test: “What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?,” “What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?,” and “You see someone stepping on an American Flag. What happens next?”

“Since I launched this ‘filtering’ process, if you will, I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of whining from the general public,” Reyes wrote.

“I was scolded by a woman on the phone yesterday who told me she wouldn’t take the test and ‘shame’ on me for making people take a test to come work for us. She ‘demanded’ I remove the test or risk losing out on ‘perfect employees’ like herself.”

Here’s Reyes defending his snowflake test on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday.

Liberals are naturally going to freak out over this, even though it’s clear from hearing him talk that they’d be miserable working there.

In the meantime, I think he’s given our HR department a very good idea…

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