Carson Posts Viral Message to Americans Writing Him in for President… Says We Must Save Our Country


Retired neurosurgeon and former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Dr. Ben Carson is urging all thinking, patriotic Americans to cast their votes for Republican nominee Donald Trump!

In a Facebook post on Monday, Carson wrote to his followers that he’d learned that some Americans, uncomfortable with voting for either Trump or Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, had been writing in Carson’s name instead.

Another defeated candidate might have been flattered by the attention, and a less patriotic politician might have exploited it as ammunition for yet another run for office.

But Carson was a serious man throughout his bid for the presidency — and he’s been a serious supporter of Trump since withdrawing from the race and endorsing the billionaire businessman back in March.

And he doesn’t want to see any votes wasted that might instead go toward electing Trump and defeating Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with “Beyond the Podium,” a news program on Green Bay, Wisconsin, Fox affiliate WLUK, Carson said the choice before America’s voters was clear.

“The real issue, I think, is for the American people now: Do we like the direction that this nation is going in? And if we do, the choice is clear. We elect someone who is the epitome of the establishment,” he said. That would mean Clinton. If we don’t like the way things are going, Trump is the alternative, Carson said.

The issue Carson was raising with American voters in these last few clutch hours of the election was that they not resort wastefully to write-ins and weak third-party candidates instead of exercising their right truly to make a difference.

The message loud and clear was to STOP Hillary Clinton from being elected by the default created by wasted votes. This was coming from a Detroit native who has a grasp of the struggles of middle Americans, minorities and “deplorables” to go with his Ivy League education, 60 honorary doctorates and dozens of citations, some of which he received from the Obama administration.

Dr. Carson’s call to action was in fact a call for Americans to unite in refusing to allow endless shameful behavior from government officials and career politicians.

Other candidates might have been flattered, other candidates might have been pleased, but Carson is as serious in politics as he was when he was one of the world’s greatest working neurosurgeons, and he was serious when he endorsed Trump.

So let’s be serious about what Carson is asking us to do.  Let’s give our votes to the one man who can defeat Hillary Clinton — Donald J. Trump.

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