Car Thief Caught After He Realized He Couldn’t Drive Stick

Car Thief Caught After He Realized He Couldnt Drive Stick

A not-so-bright car thief learned the hard way that being a criminal isn’t as easy as it seems.

Damari Wayne, 18, allegedly committed three armed carjackings in the Cleveland area within 10 days. His spree came to an abrupt halt when he found himself behind the wheel of a car with a stick shift, which he did not know how to drive.

According to, the first reported carjacking occurred on place Feb. 11, when Wayne and three others took a man’s Nissan from a CVS parking lot. Wayne was charged for that robbery on Feb. 13 and released the following day on $10,000 bail.

Wayne allegedly committed the other two thefts on Feb. 21. He and another teenager reportedly stole a women’s car while threatening her with a pellet gun at a Walgreen’s.

Police said not long after that, the teens approached a 23-year-old man sitting in his car on the side of the road. They threatened to kill him if he didn’t get out of the vehicle. After he got out, the thieves took his cell phone and attempted to drive away.

However, the manual transmission stumped Wayne, who was in the driver’s seat. According to The Associated Press, he forced the car’s owner to explain how to drive the car at gunpoint. This plan did not go very well, as it’s probably difficult to explain how to drive a standard when being held at gunpoint.

The teens fled the scene with the man’s cell phone, which led the police straight to Wayne.

Police records say authorities tracked the pair to at the public transportation station, where they promptly arrested them.

Wayne was being held in the city jail on a $100,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Hopefully, these two learned a lesson and will turn from a life of crime.

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