Campaign Horrified to See Photos of Illegal Activists Charging Their Ankle Monitors at Hillary HQ


Talk about not being able to keep your own house in order.

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had an embarrassing problem in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where a group of 20 illegal Mexican immigrants entered her campaign office on Thursday and refused to leave, according to a story by Salon.

As if the uninvited and unwelcome intruders were not bad enough, they then began proudly plugging in their ankle bracelets.

Four of them were wearing ankle bracelets, meaning they had committed crimes and were out of jail temporarily or have been convicted and were on parole. Those ankle bracelets were a badge of honor.


The group called itself #Buffalo25 and demanded an end to deportation for illegal aliens. These are the very people that Hillary Clinton has been courting with her soft stance on immigration.

When the criminals get shut down by the criminals, it’s pretty hard to know where to cast your sympathy.

The Clinton camp was so mortified to have the public see her own voter base turn on her that they closed the campaign office for two days and waited for the problem to go away on its own.

This is the response to crime that we have come to expect from Hillary Clinton. The protesters have complained — at least they’re right about one thing — that Clinton would rather close her office than have the public know that her liberal immigration policies are a failure.

Hillary’s Pittsburgh office is a mirror of her failed policies and a scary glimpse into another Clinton presidency- pandering to the criminals and pretending the problem doesn’t exist while we wait for the criminals to feel better. She would rather put up with intruders than get tough and evict them.

Here illegally? Check. Committed a crime? Check. Trespassing? Check. Being left alone by Hillary Clinton to do as you will? Double check.

With only three days to go until Election Day, the Clinton campaign has a trifecta of new troubles in Pittsburgh, and only themselves to blame.

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