California Considers Becoming Sanctuary STATE… Would Trump Withhold Fed Funds, Push Secession?

California Considers Becoming Sanctuary STATE Would Trump Withhold Fed Funds Push Secession

A bill that could turn California into a “sanctuary state” and trigger a showdown with the Trump administration began came under consideration by the California state Senate on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The California Values Act, introduced by Democrat Kevin de León, contained broad prohibitions that would disallow the state from cooperating with federal law enforcement authorities in turning over illegal immigrants in custody.

The act came in the wake of a petition being circulated in the Golden State calling for a vote on secession from the United States, as well as an executive order by President Trump that would strip federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions.

“We will not stand by and let the federal government use our state and local agencies to separate mothers from their children,” de León said when he introduced the legislation in December, according to TheBlaze.

The legislation was rather plain about protecting illegal immigrants in almost every conceivable way: “In no event shall state or local law enforcement agencies or school police or security departments transfer an individual to federal immigration authorities for purposes of immigration enforcement or detain an individual at the request of federal immigration authorities for purposes of immigration enforcement absent a judicial warrant.”

“The attorney general … shall publish model policies limiting immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible consistent with federal and state law at public schools, health facilities operated by the state or a political subdivision of the state, courthouses, and shelters, to ensure that they remain safe and accessible to all California residents, regardless of immigration status.”

If the California Values Act were to pass, it could lead to a panoply of federal funding being stripped from the state by the Trump administration. However, while there are plenty of sanctuary cities and counties, there has never been a sanctuary state, making California’s case sui generis.

If the law were to pass and funding stripped, it would likely intensify the calls for secession. All we have to say is: good luck.

California is looking less and less like a state and more like a debt bomb with a coastal view. Between their unfunded pension liabilities and runaway spending, it’s rendered the state’s bonds just slightly less useless than stock in Atari or Enron.

Now they want to play a game of budgetary chicken with the Trump administration — and if it fails, liberals will likely want it to become an independent country. That means they would have to raise their own military, run their own central government and pay for their own liberal policies without federal aid. What could possibly go wrong?

For the rest of us, I mean. California would be totally without hope — but that wouldn’t be our problem, now, would it?

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