Bus Driver Hears Cries and Spots Lost Boy Alone in Freezing Temps. But Then, She Looks at His Feet

Bus Driver Hears Cries and Spots Lost Boy Alone in Freezing Temps But Then She Looks at His Feet

Milwaukee County Transit System recognizes extraordinary employees from March 13 through19. MCTS Excellence Week, as it has been officially named, has recognized one incredible bus driver for her heroic actions.

Denise Wilson had been a bus driver with MCTS for about six months on January 28. Her last break at midnight was approaching.

Wilson almost passed up her opportunity to take that break. She was tempted to just get through her shift without it.

Yet, she ended up deciding that the chance to get some fresh air and stretch would be good for her. It turned out that she would not be the only one to benefit from her decision to step outside the bus.

There were snow flurries, and temperatures hit a low of 22 degrees that night. That is why it almost felt like a dream when she saw a little boy wandering the street alone.

He was crying and saying that he was lost. Wilson believed that God had her take her break at this moment to help this child in need.

The 5-year-old boy was barely wearing any clothing in the freezing cold temperatures. He did not even have on any shoes.

Wilson took him across the street to a gas station in search of clothing to keep the boy warm. Somebody gave her an over-sized shirt to put on the boy.

She carried him onto the bus where she covered him in her jacket and fed him a snack. Wilson did everything she could think of to make sure the boy was as warm as possible while waiting for the police to arrive.

The police determined that the whole situation was an accident. The boy had managed to wander away from home.

Thankfully, Wilson’s heroic actions ensured that this accident did not became a more serious situation than it already was. However, Wilson would not choose to describe herself as a hero.

Wilson told Fox 6, “I don’t see it like that. I just see, you know, I’m a child of God, and a lot of time we try to do what’s right. It all worked out.”

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Source: liftable.com