Broke Mom Buys Motel Room For Homeless Man… Then He Got The Shock Of His LIFE

Broke Mom Buys Motel Room For Homeless Man Then He Got The Shock Of His LIFE

A single mother of three, Sofia Andrade, had won $200 from a scratch-off lottery ticket when she came across a homeless man named Glenn Williams this weekend.

Rather than using the money on herself and her kids, Andrade decided that the homeless man could benefit from the money more than she could, so she decided to do what she could to help him.

“I knew that the money never really belonged to me,” Andrade told WCVB. “This money was meant to help him.”

Andrade called Williams, who had been homeless for three years, over to her car and first took him to a coffee shop.  Williams was extremely grateful for this as he had been outside in the freezing temperatures all day because the local shelter didn’t have any beds available.


“He was so overwhelmed by just the generosity of a coffee that he just couldn’t stop crying,” said Andrade.

Andrade then took Williams to a motel and paid for his room using her lottery money. She went home and wrote about her experience on Facebook and started a GoFundMe page for Williams that in two days raised more than three times the requested $5,000 to “Help give Glenn a second chance.”

Before long, people started showing up a Williams’ door, offering to help him. People donated warm clothing and a barber even gave Williams a free haircut.

“I couldn’t believe there’s somebody like her,” said a very emotional Williams. “She deserves a lot of the credit for where I am right now.”

Despite what politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders might think, America is full of very generous people who often go out of their way to help other people in any way they can.

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