BREAKING: Trump Set to Break 50-Year-Old Record With Black Voters


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has campaigned relentlessly to gain the support of black voters, who typically vote Democrat.

It looks like those efforts are beginning to pay off.

A new Rasmussen poll showed Trump gaining a significant amount of support from African-Americans in the last month. The number supporting Trump almost tripled, from 9 percent to 24 percent, and then leveled off at 16 percent.

That means Trump could win more African-American votes than any Republican presidential candidate since 1960.

Take a look:

These numbers must have Democrat rival Hillary Clinton worried sicker than she already is.

The mainstream media would love to have everyone believing that all black Americans hate Trump, but that’s just not true.

Trump has gained the support of many who understand that Democrats have never actually followed through on their promises. They have little to show for supporting liberals but more strife and tension from a black president who promised hope and change.

Moreover, President Barack Obama has done more to increase racial tension in this country than anyone could have guessed. Many black voters understand that, and they do not see Clinton as someone they can trust to change it.

Trump has suggested that Democrats have done nothing to help black communities and has pointed out that they often suffer the most from a breakdown of law and order. He has challenged all Americans to think outside the box and vote for someone different — someone who might actually bring positive changes, such as jobs, to their neighborhoods.

Trump doesn’t need every African-American in the country to vote for him; but only 6 percent of that group voted for Republican nominee Mitt Romney in 2012. Clearly, Donald Trump is doing far better than Romney, at least with this important group of voters — no matter what the mainstream media wants you to believe.

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