Breaking: Trump Projected To Win Presidential Race


After a lengthy and contentious presidential election cycle and an October packed with bombshell revelations about both candidates, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took on rival Hillary Clinton to secure a likely path to the Oval Office.

Numerous political pundits have predicted for months a clear path to the White House for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, though late-breaking revelations regarding an FBI investigation into the former secretary of state’s improper use of a private email server cut deeply into the statistical lead she had over Trump.

As Western Journalism reported, election results favored Trump early into the evening Tuesday, with swing states including Michigan and Wisconsin playing a pivotal role in deciding the race.

Liftable Media Senior Political Analyst Floyd Brown called Wisconsin for Trump late Tuesday night, which along with his other predicted victories could give him more than the 270 electoral votes needed to become president-elect.

As in every step of the 2016 race, social media played a major role in stoking impassioned debate over the direction of the race and the schismatic candidates vying for the presidency.

Trump supporters largely attributed the brash billionaire’s Election Night performance to the fact that his populist message resonated with working-class voters in pivotal battleground states.

Clinton voters offered their own rationale for the former first lady’s slump, with some pointing to the inclusion of third-party candidates in the race.

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