BREAKING: Trump Makes Final “Muslim Promise” Before Election Ends… Media Stunned


During the course of his presidential campaign, Republican nominee Donald Trump has taken a decidedly hard stance against those Islamists of a radical variety who would use terrorism and violence to force their medieval religious views on the rest of the civilized Western world.

Of course, his repeated promises to keep America safe by being exceptionally tough towards radical Islamic terrorists were routinely taken out of context and deliberately misconstrued by the liberal media and his detractors as a bigoted attack on all Muslims, whether they are radicalized or not.

But Trump just utterly stunned his haters in the media by essentially doubling down — if not tripling or quadrupling, in fact — on his prior promises regarding Muslim immigration into the country during a campaign rally this weekend at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

“We will become a rich nation again. But to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation,” Trump explained to thousands of supporters.

“Hillary Clinton wants a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees pouring into this country, over and above the thousands and thousands and thousands that are already coming in,” he continued. “You want to see a problem? This will be the great Trojan Horse – modern-day version. Her plan will import extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities.”

“When I’m elected president, we will suspend immediately the Syrian refugee program and we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country,” Trump promised.

This is great, and is a promise that millions upon millions of American citizens want to not only hear, but see followed up on as well by those leaders in our country ostensibly charged with keeping the citizenry safe from those who wish to do them harm.

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