BREAKING: Texas Makes Announcement Immediately After Trump Wins


While liberal America was mourning the defeat of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the rest of the world was moving on and making plans for the new administration. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement on his official website stating that his state was prepared to cooperate fully with Donald Trump’s administration.

Abbott’s statement started off with a gracious congratulations to the 45th president-elect, saying, “I congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the next president of the United States.”

Abbott then commented on the fact that a majority of American voters have felt “ignored” by the current political infrastructure and hoped that Donald Trump was the change that so many have been seeking.

“One thing from this election is abundantly clear — millions of Americans feel they have been ignored by a political class in Washington, D.C., that prioritizes protecting an elite establishment before We the People. Now that the people have spoken, it is essential that elected officials work together to address the enormous challenges facing our nation,” Abbott wrote.

He continued by vowing that the state of Texas was prepared to work with Trump to make sure the promises that he made during the campaign phase come to fruition.

“I look forward to working with the new administration to ensure that we secure our border, restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government, and end the federal overreach that has unfortunately become a staple of the outgoing executive’s legacy,” Abbott’s statement read.

“Here in Texas, we will continue to fight for conservative, limited government principles that create economic opportunity and prosperity for all,” he concluded.

This coming from a disabled man married to the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants.Talk about epic! If he can get behind our president, then so should the rest of the nation.

This is how the country should act when ushering in a new administration — everyone getting in line to do their part. This is how we prove we are still the United States of America — by welcoming the leader whom We The People elected.

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