BREAKING: Supreme Court Delivers Disasterous Blow to Dems 1 Month Before Election


With only a month or so remaining til the presidential election, the Supreme Court has struck down an attempt by President Barack Obama to revive his executive amnesty, which had previously been blocked by a lower court.

The refusal to re-hear Obama’s arguments in favor of his program left in place a previous 4-4 decision and SCOTUS’ injunction against its implementation.

This was both good news and bad news. The good news was that the order remained blocked and made the Democrats look weak at a time when they desperately needed to appear strong and capable. The bad news was that the case could be revisited in the future.

According to The Washington Times, when the justices originally decided a case on Obama’s executive amnesty in June, the vote was split, with four justices in favor and the other four against.

If Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were to win the election and nominate a liberal justice to replace late Justice Antonin Scalia, the court could rehear the case and this time vote in favor, 5-4. That would be devastating for conservatives.

For the remainder of the election season, however, this would not be a concern, and the credit for this victory of sorts rested with states like Texas, which had teamed up to challenge Obama’s executive amnesty in federal court.

Whether or not this decision would actually affect illegal immigration was unclear, though, since the White House was purposefully prioritizing the deportation of criminals and recent border-crossers to try to avoid deporting anybody else.

This meant that the president was still effectively getting away with shielding many illegal immigrants from deportation, including his so-called “Dreamers.” For this to change, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump must win the 2016 election.

And therein lay the last tidbit of good news — while the Supreme Court’s ruling did not put a definitive end to Obama’s amnesty, it did provide conservatives nationwide with more than enough incentive to head to the polling stations on Election Day and pull the lever for Trump.

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