BREAKING REPORT: Clinton Camp Caught Lying About Lead


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) have been pressing forward lately with a narrative that she holds a solid lead in all of the polls that matter, that the election is already all but over with virtually nothing left to do but hold the inauguration ceremony.

But judging by their almost panicked and visceral reactions to everything said or done by Republican nominee Donald Trump, they most likely know that the race is probably actually much closer than is being reported, Dennis Michael Lynch suggested.

When one looks at the less-skewed polls that provide a more accurate sampling of the American electorate on the national and state level, one finds that the presidential race is to all intents and purposes tied, far from the exaggerated double-digit lead the press and campaign are pushing the general public to accept.

Trump appears to be leading in several key battleground states: Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Iowa and Missouri. He also appears to be attracting more support among early-ballot voters.

Thus we find the Clinton campaign in something of a predicament of its own making, as their triumphant gloating about their supposedly massive lead in the polls could actually work against them.

To be sure, the idea behind the constant repetition of the narrative of an insurmountable lead for Clinton is that it will serve to depress a portion of Trump’s supporters into believing that further support for the candidate is hopeless, perhaps even causing them to stay home on Election Day.

But that narrative effect cuts both ways in this case, and the meme that Clinton has already won could very well serve to keep some of her own supporters (living and dead) at home on Nov. 8, confident that their candidate already has the election in the bag and therefore doesn’t need them to spend part of their day standing in line to cast an unnecessary vote for a candidate they don’t really like all that much in the first place.

As stated before, this presidential race is actually a far closer affair than the media or Clinton’s campaign would prefer to admit, and their lying about a giant lead and touting of misleading polls only serves to make them look more duplicitous in the eyes of the people.

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