Breaking: It’s Really Happening! Hillary Is Getting Replaced!


Reporter David Shuster tweeted earlier Sunday evening that the Democrats were going to be holding an emergency meeting after Hillary Clinton’s collapse today at the 9/11 15th Anniversary Memorial Event.

This collapse and her supposed pneumonia are scaring the Democrats into action as they might have to replace Hillary Clinton on the ticket, meaning certain victory for Donald Trump.

Hillary’s health has been brought into question several times over the last few months, but especially the past couple of weeks. Her four minute coughing fit being one of these.

Hillary Clinton’s camp finally confirmed earlier today that there was something wrong with the Democratic Presidential Candidate, claiming that Hillary Clinton was suffering from pneumonia.


I’m sure pneumonia isn’t the full story, seeing as I’m sure they were scrambling for an explanation after their candidate collapsed today. They were forced to release something and apparently pneumonia isn’t important enough for them to disclose earlier.

Hiding the fact that Hillary Clinton was suffering from pneumonia only furthers everyone’s suspicions on Hillary’s health and makes it seem like the liberals are hiding more.

The Democrats have been caught time and time again hiding important information from voters and this is just the most recent example.

If Hillary Clinton’s health was so poor then why would she be allowed to campaign and is she fit to be president.

We definitely can’t have a president collapse while on the job and if she has severe health problems that just adds to the long list of cons that prove she shouldn’t be president.

Who would be a good option this late in the election? No one that everyone can get behind that’s for sure. Hillary Clinton’s name recognition is the only thing going for her and the fact that her supporters are somehow blind to all of her illegal action.

As the situation unfolds, we will keep you updated and informed.

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