BREAKING: Portland Man Shot During Anti-Trump Protest



As protesters swarmed Portland, furious over President Elect Donald Trump’s victory, police have confirmed that a man was shot on Morrison Bridge Saturday.

The shooting occurred just hours before a scheduled Anti-Trump rally downtown.

Oregon Live reported live updates:

1:01 a.m.: Police confirm a man has been shot. It is not officer-involved. Police are asking anyone who witnessed it to stay and speak with police but all others to leave area. They are looking for a vehicle. No details on the vehicle.

12:56 a.m.: A man is down at the east end of the Morrison Bridge. Pops were heard, possibly shots, but no confirmation. Numerous police units are reponding

The shooting occurred as a group of protesters heading downtown marched across the bridge.

Oregon Live continued with updates, giving a witness account, and a suspect description:

1:32 a.m.: Police say possible suspect in shooting was described as a thin man in his late teens, 5-foot-8, wearing black, dark hoodie and saggy blue jeans.

1:13 a.m.: Cameron Whitten, 25, a Portland community advocate, told an Oregonian/OregonLive reporter he witnessed the shooting. He said protesters were traveling across the bridge westbound, and a car with multiple occupants in it was traveling east. One person was holding a gun, Whitten said. Multiple people got out of the car, got back in, then they drove a short distance. Multiple people get back out of the car, and one person fired into the air, then shot a demonstrator in the lower body, Whitten said. His account has not been independently confirmed. Officers have cleared the bridge, and several police vehicles are on the bridge. That area of the bridge is considered a crime scene, and officers in riot gear are blocking access to the bridge.

In spite of claims that rallies against Trump in cities across the US intend to remain peaceful, it’s clear that the mobs are anything but.

Yahoo News reported:

Hours before the demonstrations were set to begin, a protester in Portland was shot as he took part in a march across the Morrison Bridge. He is expected to live, but the suspect remains at large, police said.

Since Trump’s victory, demonstrators in several cities have decried the Republican’s campaign promises to restrict immigration and register Muslims, as well as allegations that the former reality-TV star sexually abused women.

“It is our time as a movement to unite and fight back against Donald Trump and what he wants to do to this country,” organizers said on Facebook in announcing a rally in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Lets remember that these are people who had a chance to vote, whether they did or not, in a fair election that resulted in a Trump victory.

Storming the streets in anger because America has chosen its next president is apparently worth it to these sore losers, and there is little assurance of peaceful protest with a mob mentality.

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