BREAKING: Political Leader Orders Mass Refugee Deportation


Bulgaria has had it. They want refugees OUT.

Following a rampage by hundreds of migrants in a Bulgarian refugee camp yesterday, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has said, “enough is enough,” according to the U.K. Express. He has ordered officials to begin the deportation of hundreds of refugees, mostly from Afghanistan.

Riot police stormed the camp, using water cannons and rubber bullets to restore order. At least 24 officers were injured in the operation.

Photographs of the camp on the Turkey-Bulgaria border showed gangs of young men smashing windows and setting fires, turning the camp to rubble.

The camp has been home to roughly 3,000 migrants, making it the largest in Bulgaria. Many of the million-plus migrants bound for Europe this year have entered through Bulgaria, putting an unbearable strain on the country.

Locals in nearby Harmanli have clamored for the camp to be closed, claiming that migrants regularly venture into the town and steal from them. Large gangs invade the markets and steal fruit and vegetables, intimidating residents and threatening violence, according to residents.

“Based on an agreement between the European Union and Afghanistan we have asked for a plane to start extraditing people there in early December. As for the rest, all who have acted brutally and violated public order will be moved to closed camps,” Borisov said.

This was not Bulgaria’s first attempt to keep migrants from invading its borders. The country built a fence along both its Turkish and Greek borders, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. Bulgarian border officials have also detained more than 17,000 people who managed to cross the border in 2016.

Turkey hasn’t been helping. In a recent pushback to stalled European Union talks, Turkey both acknowledged the problem and threatened to make it much, much worse, as reported by United Press International.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Friday to open Turkey’s border, flooding Bulgaria with millions of Syrian refugees, if Turkey is not admitted into the EU.

Serbia, the next step on the route to Europe, has denied passage to migrants, and Turkey won’t take them back, leaving Bulgaria stuck with them.

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