BREAKING: PA Voters Sick After Seeing What Happened to Their Ballots After Voting


Reports are already flooding in that voter turnout in Pennsylania has been high, expecting to reach at least 80 percent. With today being Election Day, a high turnout is exactly what we need to make sure the will of the people is made known.

However, there have been some issues at polling booths that seem to be threatening that same will.

In Pennsylvania’s Clinton Township in Butler County, there were confirmed issues with two of their automated voting machines.

Election judges confirmed that issues arose when people tried to vote straight party ticket. However, most shockingly, issues arose when voters tried to vote for Republican Donald Trump, only to see their vote switch to Democrat Hillary Clinton right before their eyes.

“I went back, pressed Trump again. Three times I did this, so then I called one of the women that were working the polls over. And she said you must be doing it wrong. She did it three times and it defaulted to Hillary every time,” Bobbie Lee Hawranko said to local Pittsburg media KDKA.

Officials recalibrated the machines and hoped that the problem had been resolved. However, Allegheny County reportedly had other issues with Election Day polling places, when a judge of elections did not show up on time.

The judge of elections, Margaret Vernon, missed the opening time of her polling place in Springdale Borough, and didn’t show up until three hours later when Sheriff’s deputies escorted her into the facility. Vernon claimed that she was ill but still will be charged with a failure to perform her duties.

Pennsylvania Rep. Daryl Metcalfe urged voters to talk to election officials if they encounter any problem at the polls.

“If somebody has an issue, they should certainly let the judge of elections at the precinct know and also call their county bureau of elections as folks have done here this morning,” Metcalfe said.

Be sure to spread this story so people will be aware of what could happen to them at the polls today, and to know what to do when something seems to be wrong. This is our country and our vote, so let’s make sure it counts!

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