BREAKING: Obama ATF Accused of Covering Up Political Element in Firebombing of GOP HQ


Eyewitness accounts of the firebombing of a Republican campaign office on Oct. 15 in Orange Country, North Carolina, revealed some disturbing information that suggested that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents covered up evidence that pointed to political motives.

Local Republicans who were present at the scene shortly after it happened claimed that ATF agents painted over a threatening message on an adjacent building.

The message read, “Nazi Republicans, leave town or else.”

The agents allegedly would not explain why they painted over the message.

Witnesses also claimed reporters and other individuals compromised the area when they freely walked around the scene with no consideration for forensic investigators.

“The ATF’s destruction of evidence in their investigation of Democrat terrorists tells us everything we need to know about our government,” conservative activist Noel Fritsch told Breitbart News.

“The destruction of the ‘Nazi Republicans go home or else’ message is an attempt to cover up behavior of violent leftists bent on oppressing those with whom they disagree, and one wonders to what extent our federal government shares in that violent leftist agenda,” he said.

Daniel Ashley, chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, said he and his wife stumbled upon the scene when they saw ATF agents painting over the graffiti with black paint. He explained that he asked several times whey they were painting over the words, but no one ever answered his question.

“These people thought this out,” Ashley said. “This is domestic terrorism.”

Michele Nix, vice chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, said she also saw the words on the adjacent building that had been covered up with spray paint. She said Hillsborough county police told her the owner of the business wanted the words covered up “because it would be bad for their business.” She added that the owner of that business was a Democrat.

She noticed no crime scene tape was around the area, and when she inquired about it, the Hillsborough county police told her they had everything they needed.

Mary Lopez Carter, Republican North Carolina Senate candidate, said there was “no effort to preserve the integrity of (the crime scene) for forensics.”

The ATF did not immediately return requests for comment on these reports.

If these accounts are true, then we are looking at huge corruption with the use of political influence not only to impede, but also to direct a criminal investigation.

Sadly, with Democrats involved, this wouldn’t be surprising.

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