BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Gets Devastating News, Caught Making Secret Payments to Stunning Company


Between February and March of this year, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s campaign made $187 in secret payments to secure the services of a Nevada-based company that destroys hard drives and shreds paper.

“The first payment from the campaign to the destruction company came on Feb. 3 in the amount of $43, Federal Election Commission filings shows,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. “Two additional payments of $43 and $58 were made on Feb. 21. A fourth payment of $43 was made on March 26.”

The company, American Document Destruction, reportedly charges $10 per hard drive and $5 per cubic foot of paper, meaning Clinton’s team could have destroyed up to 14 hard drives or shredded 37.4 cubic feet of paper.

Hmm … what were you trying to hide, “Crooked Hillary“?


Probably a lot, given her well-known habit of trying to hide her shady behavior by resorting to every underhanded tactic available, from using unsecured private email servers to trying to wipe hard drives cleaner than a dog’s mouth.

This proclivity for deviousness even earned the former secretary of state a hilarious attack ad from former GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz earlier this year that, well, you had to see to believe:

Practically everybody, from grandmothers in Alaska to little kids in New Mexico, now knows the way Hillary Clinton likes to operate.

Specifically, they know that Clinton is, as female reporter Kristin Tate commented earlier this week, a “vile old woman” — one willing to stoop to any level to get what she wants, which this time around happens to be the presidency.

However, with her pathetically low likability ratings, not to mention her continued attempts at subterfuge, Clinton’s chances of ever walking back into the White House are awfully low.

Feel free to keep trying anyway, Mrs. Clinton, but honestly, Americans don’t like you very much, and the fact that you are again resorting to shady behavior is a big part of why.

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