BREAKING: New L.A. Times Poll Shakes Clinton Camp to the Core


The Los Angeles Times poll Thursday had GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump ahead of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

The L.A. Times poll has pretty consistently shown Trump leading, but this one is significant for one huge reason — it showed him retaking the lead — although admittedly a small one — after his dip in the polls caused by the release of the tape of his “locker room” talk from back in 2005.

It’s reasonably safe to say the tape has not had the effect the Clinton camp was hoping for.

Republicans and anti-establishmentarians can take comfort in the lead, but that lead is as marginal as marginal can get — 44.3 percent to Clinton’s 44.2 percent.

That’s really a tie, but it’s a tie that’s good for Republicans. After the tape was released, many were concerned about the fallout, and although there certainly has been fallout, there hasn’t been enough to put Trump out of business.

A large part of that redemption in the polls was due to Trump himself. During the second debate, Hillary Clinton had a chance to really bring Trump’s campaign low.

Not only did Trump not let her do that, but he stopped her cold.

Another important takeaway was a little less favorable to conservatives: When respondents were asked who they thought would win in November regardless of whom they supported, Hillary Clinton smoked Donald Trump — 56.3 percent to 38.1 percent.

A good portion of that derived from the release of the video playing a role in the psychology of the voters. Although a voter’s choice might not be changed, his or her perspective on other voters could much more easily be.

You can thank the mainstream media for that.

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