BREAKING: Huck Reportedly Gets Two Potential Cabinet Offers From Trump Admin


President-elect Donald Trump has spent the better part of the past week huddled with his senior advisers in Trump Tower, going over who could potentially be a part of his administration.

Trump announced on Sunday that RNC chairman Reince Priebus would be his chief of staff, but other than that he hasn’t announced any definite picks yet. However, there have been plenty of rumors over who who is being considered.

One of the latest rumors is that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is being seriously considered as a member of Trump’s cabinet, Breitbart reported.

“I have heard (secretary of) commerce may be one of them,” Hogan Gidley, former communications director for Huckabee’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, stated. “Potentially secretary of state as well.”

Many of the rumored picks for various positions in Trump’s cabinet are loyalists who stood by Trump in his darkest days. Priebus is a perfect example of this: Even when Republicans were fleeing Trump in droves after the Trump tape was released, Priebus stuck by his party’s nominee and refused to back down.

“I hope that Donald Trump recognizes and rewards Mike Huckabee for being so adamantly supportive of him in the primary process and defending him basically at every turn,” Gidley stated.

It should be emphasized that at this point in the process all these rumors are just that — rumors. We won’t know who is actually going to be a member of Trump’s cabinet until Trump himself announces it.

Whoever is picked, we can be sure that Trump will have thought about it carefully. Trump is only going to pick people who are actually serious about “draining the swamp” and Making America Great Again.

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