BREAKING: Hillary is Tanking! The End is Near, Even CNN Thinks So!


You know when CNN reports that Hillary’s poll numbers have dropped significantly that it really must be bad.


After Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” comments, she dropped 2 points in CNN’s polls but that was just the start.

Hillary’s chances of winning the election according to CNN were at 72% before the “Basket of Deplorables” comment and dropped to 70%.

After Hillary’s black out while trying to get into her car after the 9/11 Memorial Service and an emergency meeting being held by the DNC on replacing Hillary Clinton, her percentage of winning dropped even more.


And not by a small amount. 14% to be exact. While you have to take everything that CNN reports to be extremely biased for Hillary Clinton, the fact that even their “polls” are reporting a tanking in her chances of presidency means that things are desperate to say the least.

Clinton had dropped to a staggering 58% chance of winning the presidency by Monday afternoon and Trump had jumped from 24% to 42%.

Like I said before, while CNN’s numbers can’t be trusted, the fact that they are admitting such a tremendous drop for their candidate Hillary Clinton just goes to show how much the Democrats and Hillary Clinton are hurting now.

It is amazing that they did not disclose her “pneumonia” until after Hillary blacked out and lost a shoe getting into a car especially after Hillary’s campaign has been so adamant about transparency of health records.

Donald Trump tweeted Monday that he would be getting a physical and releasing his medical records sometime this week. This just goes to show the difference in transparency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

If Hillary Clinton was in such bad shape, then why not say something until after their was a disaster. It sounds like a convenient cover up and far from the truth, especially after her health has been brought into question repeatedly over the last few months.


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