BREAKING: Hillary “Mr Fix It” Turns on Her, Comes Forward on Hannity


In a major bombshell announcement that rocked the political world — in as much as the political world has been constantly rocked by bombshells over the past year — the National Enquirer recently posted a story alleged to be a tell-all from a man calling himself Hillary Clinton’s “Mr. Fix It.”

The man purported himself to have been employed as a “fixer” for former President Bill Clinton and the Democrat presidential nominee Hillary for dozens of years, and told of his efforts in not only covering up some of their scandalous behavior, but also of arranging some of that scandalous behavior in the first place.

Now the Enquirer is reporting that America will soon learn the identity of the Clinton’s “Mr. Fix It” as he is scheduled to make a public appearance as a guest on the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” show with host Sean Hannity.

It is expected that the man will share some of the details of the incidents he spoke of in the tell-all piece, such as his involvement in the plot to discredit and dismiss Clinton’s intern-slash-mistress Monica Lewinsky, or his efforts to buy off or threaten into silence some of Clinton’s many other alleged mistresses and alleged sexual assault victims.

The man will almost certainly have other unflattering and scandalous stories to share regarding the Democrat nominee as well.

It will be interesting to see how this interview plays out and how specific and verifiable some of this man’s recollections will be.

To be sure, the Clinton-backing mainstream media will likely ignore whatever he has to say, or engage in an immediate smear campaign to discredit him, but if millions of American voters are watching and listening, it will be nearly impossible for the media to sweep his expected revelations entirely under the rug.

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