BREAKING: Fox Unearths 19-Year-Old Newspaper That PROVES Miss Universe Is Lying


During the first presidential debate, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton decided to play the sexism card against Republican nominee Donald Trump by bringing up former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who has accused Trump of making comments about her weight.

Machado claimed that Trump called her “Miss Piggy” during the pageant because of her weight. Trump has denied these claims, of course, and in the days following the debate some disturbing details about “Miss Piggy” have come to light.

Fox News uncovered an interview that Machado did with The Washington Post on May 16, 1997, in which she said she was anorexic and bulimic before the pageant even started.

“When I was preparing for Miss Universe it was almost an obsession for me to not gain weight. By the time I won, I was actually recovering. But the year leading to it, I didn’t eat at all,” she stated in the interview.

According to American Medical Association charts, she was nine pounds below a healthy weight at the time of the pageant.

When Fox News’ Megyn Kelly confronted her with the contents of this interview, Machado simply denied making such remarks and claimed that the pageant must have somehow manipulated her answers.

So instead of the vast right-wing conspiracy, we now have the vast beauty pageant conspiracy. Delightful.

This interview is important because a key element of Machado’s attack on Trump has been the assertion that his comments about her weight led to her having an eating disorder. Never mind he having previously said that “I was skeletal” at the time of her pageant victory.

The Post interview indicated that she had an eating disorder well before Trump said anything to her. Clearly Machado — who at one point was accused of threatening to kill a judge (the real kind, not the pageant kind) and who is thought to have been closely associated with a prominent crime lord — was being less than honest.

If she is lying about the biggest part of her story, she is probably lying about the rest of it too.

Machado also couldn’t confirm that anyone else actually heard Trump call her “Miss Piggy,” for that matter.

You can see her full interview with Megyn Kelly here:

The Clinton campaign knows that Trump’s policy ideas are better than Clinton’s and will resonate more with the American people, which is why they are resorting to these desperate attacks on Trump — attacks that we “deplorable” folk hope will ultimately fail.


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