BREAKING: FINAL Poll Leaves Trump Fans Cheering


Much has been said throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season regarding the polls put out by the liberal media, including claims that they were “rigged” in favor of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton via consistent oversampling of Democrat-aligned voters and under-sampling of Republicans and independents.

But there was always one poll that seemed to stand out from the rest as being more accurate and closely aligned with the actual ideological breakdown of voters, and that poll was the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” daily tracking poll.

Their final assessment of the presidential race was released Tuesday morning, and it had some supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump feeling cautiously optimistic, if not cheering outright.

When asked “Who would you vote for?” the roughly 3,000 respondents choose Trump by a margin of about 3 points, 47 – 44 percent.


When poll respondents were broken down by age, it became clear that Trump’s support came from voters aged 35 – 64 (48 – 43) and those aged 65 or older (54 – 42). Clinton’s support came from voters aged 18 – 34 by a margin of 46 – 39 percent.

Looking at the education level of respondents, Trump cleaned up among those with only a high school education or some college, 52 – 41 percent and 50 – 39 percent, respectively. Clinton won among those with college degrees by a margin of 51 – 39 percent.

By income, Trump won decisively among the middle class and the wealthy. Trump garnered 53 percent to Clinton’s 37 percent among voters earning $35,000 -75,000 per year. He won among those making more than $75,000 per year 48 – 43 percent.

Clinton had the overwhelming support of low-income voters, those who earn less than $35,000 per year, by a margin of 53 – 37 percent.

When the respondents were broken down by race and ethnicity, it was revealed that Trump has the support of 56 percent of white voters compared to Clinton’s 34 percent. She of course had a wide margin among black voters, but not as big a lead among Latino voters as the media would have you believe, only leading 50 – 38 percent.

Finally, one last media lie debunked by this poll was the supposedly insurmountable gender gap Clinton enjoyed over Trump among women voters.

That gap was not nearly as large as the media has previously reported, as Clinton only led Trump by a margin of 48 – 43 percent support. By way of comparison, Trump dominated among male voters with a more than twice as large lead, 51 – 40 percent.

Should these poll results be a preview of how Election Day will really turn out, it is safe to say that Donald Trump will be this nation’s next president, something his supporters will definitely cheer about once all of the polling places have closed and the smoke from this intense political battle has cleared.

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