BREAKING: All Election Systems Are “Down” in Swing State of Colorado


With plenty of suggestions that the 2016 election would be “rigged” in favor of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as well as plenty of anecdotal evidence of voting fraud in previous elections, it is understandable that people are on edge and any sudden changes to the system could be viewed with some skepticism.

So it was when all voting systems in Denver, Colorado, went down temporarily Tuesday, prompting a flurry of tweets from a local reporter covering the election for Denver’s KUSA.

Shortly after 3 p.m. local time, she tweeted, “Breaking: announcement just made at Denver Elections Office that all state systems are down.”

A mere moment later she added, “For now, were told voting is happening ‘one at a time’ at Denver Elections. Lines are growing. Hoping to speak with officials soon.”

About 15 minutes after her initial tweets, she reported, “DENVER ELECTIONS OFFICE: the system is up and running again, voters going to polls here. Unclear if issue was fixed across the state.”

According to, the Denver Elections Office confirmed that all of their election systems had gone down across the state, but insisted that they would all be back up again at an unspecified time.

They also made clear that their state database that confirms voter registration was down as well, raising the possibility that some people may have cast votes without having their registration confirmed with the state database.

And some people wonder why many Americans have grown incredibly cynical and suspicious when it comes to the topic of voter fraud in largely Democrat-controlled areas, such as Denver.

Hopefully this was nothing more than a glitch that resulted in no real harm done other than some voters being inconvenienced by having to wait a few more moments than anticipated.

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