BREAKING: Dems Love Saying Trump’s Losing Texas… Horrified to Learn He’s Up by 12


A new poll in Texas showed that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump had very little to worry about in the Lone Star state.

Many who discuss politics with family and friends have found that Democrats very much enjoy the thought of the Republican stronghold, Texas, crumbling to the left. However, for this election at least that seems out of the question.

The KTVT-CBS 11/Dixie Strategies Poll showed Trump ahead of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton by a commanding 12 points.

Trump leads with about 52 percent , the first time he has had better than 50 percent support in Texas thus far, according to KTVT.

Hillary Clinton had a little over 39 percent support in the state.

One of the pollsters, Brian Graham, said on Facebook, “People have now decided … and it appears that Donald Trump has captured most of those undecided voters as we have gotten closer (to the election).”

Of course the race is a great deal closer in other states and nationwide. However, Graham believed the renewed scrutiny of Hillary Clinton by the FBI may sway what uncommitted voters remain.

“With independent voters, I think that’s going to affect some of them,” he said. “And remember, in this race, a lot of states are very, very close, so 1 or 2 percentage points can make an election — in particular states such as Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.”

As the final week in the election race stretches on, Hillary Clinton has lost the initiative and has begun to struggle to hold on to anything that remains of her advantage.

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