BREAKING: Dems Caught Rigging Polls For Hillary


More evidence that Democrats are working with the mainstream media to rig polls surfaced over the weekend, revealing just how much the liberal media are in the tank for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

WikiLeaks-published emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta spelled out just how to “manufacture” the desired data when conducting a poll. The email began with a request for how to over-sample when polling in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

The email even included a 37-page guide with poll-rigging recommendations.

It also revealed that pollsters index minority groups in favor of Clinton. For example, in Florida the report recommended “consistently monitoring” samples to ensure they’re “not too old” and had “enough African American and Hispanic voters.”  In Arizona, oversampling of Hispanics and Native Americans was highly recommended.


Unfortunately, for Democrats to be working with the mainstream media to rig polls isn’t surprising. The Podesta emails prove that the two have been working in consort for some time now to mislead the public. Project Veritas Action videos have also revealed just how deep corruption goes within the Democrat Party. Apparently it goes all the way down to volunteers on the street.

This is solid proof that the mainstream media cannot be trusted. They have proven over and over again how they are an extension of the Democrat Party. They have conspired to get Clinton to the White House, and have completely ruined their credibility in the process. The Washington Post, ABC News and Reuters are just a few of the news outlets that have been caught manipulating data in favor of Clinton.

This kind of corruption should be front page news for every news outlet, but not in America, where the mainstream media have been corrupted by the Clintons.

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H/T Dennis Michael Lynch