BREAKING: Democrats Attempt To Investigate Trump



I’m not sure what is more satisfying — Donald Trump winning the presidential election or watching the Democratic party scramble.

In the beautiful spirit of partisanship — because they’re lost, unhappy, and confused — they are pulling out all the stops to obstruct Trump’s transition to the presidency.

According to the Young Conseratives:

Democratic lawmakers Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings requested an investigation into President-elect Donald Trump’s transition effort Wednesday, asking whether the “disarray” in the transition team has “affected his ability to effectively serve the American public.”

Warren, a Massachusetts senator, and Cummings, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) to investigate potential conflicts of interest, violations of security protocols and lack of transparency within the transition.

Ah, this is rich.

Let me get this straight — Warren and her hacks want to investigate Trump’s transition for “potential” problems and conflicts of interest.

Nothing has actually happened yet.

Now, I will give them a bit of a break. The Democratic party is used to their candidates — specifically the Hillz — being corrupt criminals.

However, you can’t assume everyone in politics falls in that same line nor should tax payers’ dollars be spent to investigate something that hasn’t even happened.

Though their indicting adjectives of “chaotic” and “disarray” sound absolutely terrifying and destructive, we may want to wait and see if Trump actually engages in criminal activity.

But, I guess if you’re that interested in investigation and prosecution, maybe you should focus your efforts on someone who has already committed a few crimes and deceived the nation.

That’s right. The loser — Hillary Clinton.

So instead of wasting energy, time, and paper piles on Trump’s less-than-perfect transition into the White House, the Democratic party should attempt to re-establish their integrity and refocus their efforts.

Stop screaming. Stop crying. Stop pointing the finger at others.

In other words, take the beam out of your own eye.

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