BREAKING: Coward Ryan Caves… Slinks Back to Trump in Humiliation After Failed Coup


Ever since Donald Trump garnered the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, he has had a rather tenuous relationship with GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Following the media pile-on of Trump over crass comments made over a decade ago regarding women, Ryan utilized the moment to wash his hands of the entire Trump “mess” and declare himself essentially “out,” leading a small but noteworthy exodus of “bed-wetting Republicans” from Trump’s camp.

But the media’s efforts to destroy Trump didn’t succeed, and after the WikiLeaks revelation of some incredibly bigoted remarks made toward religious Americans by several of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s top staff, it would appear that Ryan was attempting to slink back into the Trump camp as if he had never left.

According to Breitbart, Ryan released a statement Wednesday regarding the anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelicals comments made in an email exchange between Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri and chair John Podesta, among others on Clinton’s staff.

“The Clinton campaign’s disdain for the Catholic faith and Christian evangelicals is staggering,” Ryan stated. “Catholicism has been the catalyst for the creation of hospitals, orphanages, and much of the university system across the world.”

“To disparage the Catholic Church as ‘severely backwards’ is an insult to millions of people across the nation. If anything, these statements reveal the Clinton campaign’s hostile attitude toward people of faith in general,” he continued.

“This is the United States of America — for centuries, people fled to our shores to find refuge from religious persecution,” he added. “All Americans of faith should take a long, hard look at this and decide if these are the values we want to be represented in our next president. If Hillary Clinton continues to employ people with biased and bigoted views, it’s clear where her priorities lie.”

Ryan’s statement seemed remarkably similar to remarks made by Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway during a conference call earlier Wednesday.

“The hostility to religious liberty and the beliefs that we hold as Catholics should not go unnoticed or unpunished,” Conway said. “We call on Hillary Clinton to apologize and to fire the staff who have engaged in this vicious anti-Catholic bigotry. All of this shows who these people are at the core.”

While the support and leadership of Speaker Ryan should be wholeheartedly welcomed by the Trump campaign, his on-again/off-again relationship and statements to the liberal media against Trump most certainly are not.

Hopefully Ryan will continue to speak out in support of Trump when he finds they are in agreement and simply keeps his contrarian thoughts to himself when they are not, at least until after the election is over, keeping in mind that defeating Hillary Clinton is the top priority for the remainder of the 2016 election cycle.

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