BREAKING: Clinton Camp Email Caught Mandating Criminal Activity From Staff


How desperate is the Clinton campaign to win in Pennsylvania? Well, according to a leaked campaign memo from Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, they’re willing to commit crimes to do it.

The memo, dated Oct. 3, 2016, was released on document-sharing site Scribd by user “,” which did not disclose the source of the memo, saying only that it “appears to be a leaked DNC Strategy Memo for the PA08 District Race.”

In the evenly split district, internal polling allegedly showed that Democrat presidential nominee was lagging behind Donald Trump, according to the “memo.”

So, what were the Hillaristas’ plans, according to this memo? Among other things, stealing yard signs. No, seriously.

PA-08 is a primarily suburban district north of Philadelphia, containing Bucks County and a small part of Montgomery County, stretching out to just south of the Allentown/Bethlehem area. Bucks County makes up over 90 percent of the district, and the densest population centers are in southern Bucks County in the suburbs of Philadelphia. No single town dominates the district, and the 5 largest towns (Levittown, Bensalem, Doylestown, Yardley, and Warminster),” the memo read.

Although rated a toss-up by national pundits and within striking distance by national polling, internals show that Clinton is dangerously behind Trump (polling -6) with her strongest constituency of unmarried white women. In order to carry PA-08 it is required that we improve her image with that demographic,” it continued.

So, how to do this?

The visible show of support for Trump must be mitigated in middle class and affluent white suburbs. (The campaign) will run distributed operations to collect and destroy opposition signs as well as to distribute Clinton signs to strike-list homes where we believe the occupant demographically may favor Clinton. Pro-Clinton signs will be distributed without asking for consent as we believe that potential Clinton voters may be reluctant to display a sign but will not remove one if it magically appears.”

Yes, not only will they remove Trump signs illegally, they’ll put Clinton signs up illegally, too! Because, hey, who wouldn’t want one of those? They just don’t know it yet!

And that’s not all. They also say that they “will identify vehicles, especially female-driven high-end SUVs displaying Trump advertising and will deface the vehicles to create a psychological climate unfavorable to such displays.” 

Oh, and remember how Trump was slammed for objectifying women? Well, check this one out: the campaign “will engage female models with aspirational wardrobe, jewelry/accessory, cosmetics, and body-fat levels to frequent shopping areas, salons, and parks to positively model pro-Clinton signifiers.” Nice.

Now, it may be that the national media hasn’t run with this because they haven’t been able to verify its authenticity. Or maybe they’re not running with it because they have been able to verify its authenticity.

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