BREAKING: Child Rapists to Get Pardon, Permission to Rape More if Pro-Shariah Law Passes


The Turkish parliament proposed a new bill that would allow men who rape children to be pardoned for their crime if they marry the victim after the crime is committed.

The bill, brought forward by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party, the AKP, was approved Thursday night. However it did not get the number of votes it needed to be passed into law. Parliament is scheduled to vote on the measure again on Tuesday, the U.K.Telegraph reported.

The new bill would reverse a law that was passed in 2005 that criminalized child rape regardless of whether the victim and the perpetrator were married.

Understandably, the proposal sparked an outcry, as some 3,000 child rapists would be pardoned should it pass. Opponents maintained the bill would lead to sexually abused girls being forced into marriage. They also pointed out that such a bill would encourage abusers who would be free the rape the children under the guise of marriage.

The AKP reported that the regressive bill was intended to benefit men who have had sex with a minor with whom they are still in a relationship.

Bekir Bozdag, Turkish minister of justice, said the bill would help in cases where the victim became pregnant by keeping the man in her life and thereby forcing him to provide for the mother and child.

Opposition party MP Ozgur Ozel said, “Sexual abuse is a crime and there is no consent in it. This is what the AKP fails to understand. Seeking the consent of a child is something that universal law does not provide for.”

Earlier this year, Turkey abolished a criminal code that classified all sexual acts with children 15 years old or younger as “sexual abuse.”

Measures like these are just another way Shariah law is allowed to spread. There should be no place on earth that allows men to rape little girls and then turn around and marry them to avoid suffering any consequences for their actions.

This law legitimizes rape and puts little girls at risk. They cannot be accepted.

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