BREAKING: Cain Makes Announcement About Trump Allegations… “I Smell a Rat”


For the past week, Republican nominee Donald Trump has come under fire from a steady stream of women who seem to have appeared out of thin air, all of whom are accusing him of sexual misbehavior or even assault.

For one Republican, this spectacle is eerily familiar: pizza magnate and former Republican presidential contender Herman Cain.

Back in 2011, Cain’s presidential aspirations were dashed after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault just when he was surging in the polls.

Cain wrote an op-ed for his website, Herman Cain, where he suggested that there was a grander media conspiracy at play here because he had experienced these same allegations.

“But there are some patterns I notice about what’s happening to Donald Trump, and they’re the kinds of things that make me smell a rat,” he wrote.

Cain detailed how in November of 2011, just when it looked like he would be leading the Republican pack, multiple women came forward to claim he sexually assaulted them. There was no proof, but the media jumped on these allegations and destroyed his candidacy.

“As soon as I started scaring the living daylights out of the establishment by surging into first place in the polls, here came the steady stream of accusations and innuendoes,” he wrote. “It was like playing whack-a-mole.”

Trump is in a similar predicament. He was tied with or leading Clinton in the polls when the women (who apparently decided to say nothing for the past year) came forward to claim he assaulted them.

“Like Trump, when I was accused, women who knew me well and had worked with me for years came forward and testified that I had always been professional and appropriate in their dealings with me,” Cain wrote, pointing out that the media have largely ignored the women defending Trump.

Trump’s supporters see the truth, and so does Cain. Liberals are going to be furious about Cain’s op-ed because the last thing they need is someone else coming forward and causing people to question what they are doing to Trump.

The American people will see through these media lies. They see Trump for the man he is. He’s not perfect, but he’s the best hope we have to save our country.

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