BREAKING: Billy Bush Bombshell… Reveals What NBC Did to Trump Tape Before Leak


It always seemed a bit hypocritical that those being the most judgmental about the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush back in 2005 were those in the entertainment industry, many of whom have the same conversations and pass the same judgments every day.

That’s coming even further into relief after an insider report indicated that Billy Bush had talked that way before in the “Access Hollywood” milieu, and that NBC executives had no problem with it.

That is, until the Trump video surfaced and the “Today” show co-host was suspended.

Furthermore, the report from Hollywood gossip site TMZ indicated that NBC executives knew about the content of the tape and had no problem with either Billy Bush or Donald Trump (the latter of whom, you may recall, was employed as the host of “The Apprentice” for the better part of a decade after the tape was shot).

TMZ reported that Billy Bush “is upset because he feels like a scapegoat … no one at NBC had a problem with him until the footage leaked, and when NBC had a PR problem they just cut him loose.”

People who are familiar with “Access Hollywood” say that Bush had made comments like “Man, you look hot today,” “Look at her legs,” and “Man, she looks hot today!” in the past, and had received no reprimand or attention from anyone involved.

Bush had also apparently said that he was a fan of Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift’s legs, and had once asked Jennifer Lopez about her, um, most notorious body part.

The point of this is not to defend Billy Bush’s (or Donald Trump’s) behavior, but to highlight the fact that it was apparently considered perfectly acceptable to executives at NBC until Oct. 9, 2016.

Then, the tape was released, and all of a sudden the men and women in the corporate hierarchy at the National Broadcasting Corporation, who had heretofore been as permissive as possible with their cohost, suddenly clutched more pearls than Tipper Gore attending the gathering of the Juggalos.

If you needed any more evidence that this was a setup, just take a look at that. I assure you, the people in the entertainment industry had no problem that any this occurred until they realized it could be used against Donald Trump — or rather, for Hillary Clinton.

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