BOOM: Tucker Delivers Unexpectedly Huge Defeat to Megyn… Beats Her by 27%

Tucker Delivers Unexpectedly Huge Defeat to Megyn

Tucker Carlson of Fox News is off to a great start in his new time slot — one that belonged to former Fox host Megan Kelly. In fact, his show’s ratings are so good, they must have Kelly wondering if she’ll even be missed.

From the looks of it, she won’t be.

Accuracy In Media reported Carlson’s ratings not only beat MSNBC and CNN, he also beat Kelly’s numbers from the same time slot a year ago by 27 percent.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged 493,000 viewers from the 25-54 age demographic, beating out a town hall CNN held with Bernie Sanders, which drew 414,000 viewers and MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” which somehow managed to capture 324,000 viewers.

Overall, Carlson averaged 2.699 million total viewers, which almost doubled the total number of MSNBC and CNN viewers.

No too shabby.

It’s no surprise.

Carlson is unrelenting to the liberals who appear on his show and attempt to spread the slightest falsehood.

In December, he eviscerated Newsweek senior political writer Kurt Eichenwald for failing to answer a simple question.

Earlier this month, California State University, Sacramento, Professor Joseph Palermo experienced a similar fate when he thought he could appear on Carlson’s show and get away with evading questions.

Night after night, Carlson engages in spirited debates, which makes it difficult to miss Kelly, who was experiencing a rift among her viewers after her treatment of President-elect Donald Trump.

In fact, many conservatives were more than happy to see her leave.

To be replaced by someone who was gained such a tremendous following might have Kelly feeling a bit dejected. And you know the folks at Fox are talking about how it appears that nobody seems to be missing the former star of the network.

Fox probably isn’t regretting the change in the least.

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