BOOM: More Manufacturing Jobs Were Just Saved Under Trump’s Presidency

More Manufacturing Jobs Were Just Saved Under Trumps Presidency

President Donald Trump vowed many times on the campaign trial to be the “greatest jobs president God ever made,” and so far he’s been living up to it.

Even before Trump took the oath of office, manufacturers were expressing a new confidence and about the future and promising to invest billions in the American economy. Months into the new administration, the jobs have continued to come back on Trump’s watch, including a recent victory involving baseball, The Daily Caller reported.

In 2016, it was announced that Majestic Athletic, the official uniform supplier of Major League Baseball, would no longer be making the league’s uniforms. Instead, Under Armour would be making the uniforms — even though 63 percent of the company’s products are made in Asia.

This meant that 500 people in Easton, Pennsylvania, could potentially lose their jobs

Undoubtedly as a direct result of the business-friendly climate being fostered by Trump’s economic policies, it has been announced that Majestic Athletic has been bought out by Fanatics, a Florida-based sports merchandise and apparel store. reported that Under Armour and Fanatics have teamed up to announce a 10-year agreement that make the companies the “exclusive providers of both official game-worn uniforms and fan gear.”

Even better — that gear will be made in Easton, saving those 500 jobs.

“The men and women of Easton will continue to play a major role in building Under Armour’s MLB team apparel business. Under Armour is both committed to and proud of the tradition of manufacturing MLB on-field uniforms in the United States,” read a statement released by Under Armour.

CNN Money reported that Under Armour will eventually take over the Easton factory, but all the workers will still be employed.

While it doesn’t appear that Trump was directly involved in this deal, the upbeat conomic atmosphere he’s created while in office undoubtedly helped convince these companies to stay in America.

Trump has made it clear he intends to make life easier for businesses to work in America, and the results are already showing.

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