BOOM: Huckabee Just Compared Hillary to Bloodiest Movie Villain in History


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has been an important, outspoken voice for Republicans during the 2016 presidential campaign, and he hasn’t held back his disdain for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Huckabee often comments about the November election and his unwavering support for Republican nominee Donald Trump. Huckabee’s most recent social media post about the campaign addressed the voters’ upcoming choice between two flawed candidates.

The former presidential contender compared the election to the bloody blockbuster movie “Jaws,” explaining that there is a “real lesson” to be learned from the movie and our choice at the polls next month.

“I see Trump as Capt. Quint (Robert Shaw) on the boat Orca in the movie ‘Jaws,’” Huckabee wrote on Facebook. “He’s salty, drunk and says incorrect things. He spits in your face. BUT … He’s gonna save your rear. You may not like what he says but, in the end, you and your family survive.”

Huckabee was likely referring to Trump’s recently released tape from 2005 that caught him bragging about inappropriately touching women and also using coarse language — something that has caused many Republican leaders to back down from their support for the GOP nominee.

“Hillary, on the other hand, is the SHARK,” Huckabee explained. “She wants to eat your boat (open borders, immigration, failed foreign policy).”

Like the “Jaws” villain, Clinton has proven that she cares only about “feeding herself and protecting her territory.”

“She cares not a whit about the little fishes — she eats them and spits them out,” he wrote. “She only cares about protecting the other big fish.”

“Vote for the fishing boat captain,” Huckabee concluded. “Not the shark.”

Huckabee was using this clever analogy to explain what many other Republicans have decided over the past couple of days: There are more concerns about what Clinton has done and will do to our country than the inappropriate things Trump has said in the past.

While Trump should be held accountable for his misconduct, voters have to decide whether his past lifestyle and questionable morals are more troubling than Clinton’s liberal and progressive agenda for our country.

Every voter has to decide for himself or herself, but it seems that, at least for Huckabee, the choice is easy.

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